Work Out 3 Times a Week To Get the Perfect Body?

This past summer, I resolved to ease the amount of time I was working out, resulting in a rule to only hit the gym three times a week. I would stick to this maximum 3-day workout week, no matter whether or not I made my goal the week beforehand. There were times I only went twice a week, but mostly I managed to get around to it thrice weekly. Even with this reduced amount of time spent, my body still looks great as per usual. That’s definitely a plus!

Lowering Calorie Intake To Minimize Time Needed in the Gym

You don’t have to go on a crash diet in order to reduce your calorie intake, just exercise proper portion control for your meals. Just eat a tiny bit less than you normally do, while only occasionally indulging in a large meal. It’s not as difficult as you’d think. I didn’t need as much food since I wasn’t exercising as much, which makes you hungry. There was no strict calorie counting involved; all you have to do is eat less than you feel you normally do. Intermittent Fasting is also an important part of my weekly meal plan.

Shorten Workout Time As You Slow Down Calorie Intake

Don’t worry about cutting back too far if you’re not reducing your workout plan that much. Even if you just refrain from eating 100 more calories than normal, it’ll help. Walking more and getting out and about more often in addition to this will have the same result as a trip to the gym. You could even improve your health over a certain amount of time. Just don’t eat as much, and do more walking. It’s easy and effective to boot.

Reasons You May Need to Work Out More

If you want to lose weight and save time effectively, really hit it hard when you first start working out, and just do the minimum maintenance once you reach your physical or weight goal. If you have a specific goal for looking good or being strong, like athletic training or events, or even auditions, you will need to increase gym time. From day to day, however, take it a little easier on yourself.

Exercise Rigorously at the Start of Your Regimen

If you spend your first three years or so of strength training getting as strong as you possibly can, it will help you. If you’re doing this, 5 days a week training is perfectly normal. Once you reach your goal, though, be sure to back off a bit. From here, just do what you can to maintain the look you want without sacrificing your free time. If you’re active enough outside of the gym, it’ll be much less work for you as you train, as you don’t need as much exercise.

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