Bench pressing is the most known weight lifting and body building exercise. If you want to increase your bench press, they you should follow these tips.

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1) Know what your maximum bench is. You have to give it all you’ve got at first and try to push yourself to see how much you can bench press at the moment. Be sure to take note of it so that you can have a record of your progress. This will also remind you to push further as you see the weights increase.

2) Don’t forget your triceps. Although bench pressing works the chest muscles, powering up your triceps strength will also increase your bench press.3) the close grip bench press will also work for you. Close grip bench presses will help you increase your bench press. You can train with a spotter to improve your triceps strength.

4) Always warm up. Stretching before doing your bench press will help you muscles get ready for the weight lifting. This will prevent muscle injuries and will also improve your bench press strength. Of course, stretching after bench pressing is also important to relax your strained muscles. 5) Don’t forget to rest. Your body needs rest because that’s when the muscles grow the most. Rest also gives your muscles time to recuperate from the hard training of bench press. You can have a few days rest between bench presses and an advisable two weeks training after your 12th or 13th week of continuous training.

Lastly, eat more to press more. That’s right. You should build your weight as you build your muscles.

It is important to get more protein and carbohydrates for your body. Having supplements will also help. So now you have it. Do you think you’re ready to increase your bench press?

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