How To Get Big Chest

Building a big chest is one of the main reasons people get into bodybuilding, this is because the chest is the most focal point of the entire body and having a small chest makes a guy look skinny regardless of how big the rest of his muscles are.

There are some very common mistakes that people make when trying to build their chest. With any luck in this article I will give you the right exercises and the right methodology to boost your chest to whole new sizes.

So what do you need to build a nice big chest? These three things:

1) The right chest exercises.

2) The right chest routine.

3) The right food and adequate rest.

The right chest exercises

The bench press is awesome, obviously, but it is by no means the only way to build the muscles in your chest. The key to doing this is to fully utilise several different exercises so that your muscles get the most variation and therefore the most activity. How To Get Big Chest

Lets take a look at some good exercises you can use

1) The Incline Bench Press

2) Close Grip Bench Press

3) Dumbbell Bench Press

4) Floor Press

So obviously these are all very similar to the standard bench press but each of them creates some great variation that will help to further enhance your chest muscles.

The Right Chest Routine

It is probably not the best idea to have a whole day of your workout devoted to the chest, or any particular muscle for that matter. Instead your routines should ideally hit all of your main muscle groups while focussing on the one you are trying the hardest to grow.

If you just focus on the chest one day and then another muscle group the next it will not see the same benefits as if you use a all round routine that targets one particular zone, such as the chest.

Food and Rest

An essential part of any routine. Make sure that you are watching the food that goes into your body because the worst thing would be for all your hard work to go right down the drain.

Also make sure that you get a good 7-8 hours sleep a night. Remember that muscle growth doesn’t just occur in the gym! How To Get Big Chest

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